Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Dog Lucky Is Weird

First, Lucky stuck her head in a box of snacks. She kept her head in the box of snacks for a long time. I went to get the camera, and she knocked the box off of her head with her paws. The photo I took catches the last moment before the box fell off.

Then, another day, Lucky just kind of laid down on the floor, while we were changing the sheets on the bed. We threw a pillow down, and it landed on her head. She didn't move or flinch. Even though she was awake, she stayed there with a pillow over her head. Tell me the last time you saw a dog do that. She is not right.

Labor Day

Carl marched in the Labor Day parade, which was fun to see. At the beginning of the parade, there was an emergency call, and an ambulance and fire truck in the parade had to hit their lights and sirens for real, and then raced down the street. It was weird to see.

Carl is the little guy playing saxophone. The band practiced Led Zepplin's "Immigrant Song." How cool is that?

The Bike Saga

So, I ordered a bike at the end of August. I was expecting it on September 8th. Late on the afternoon of the 8th, I got a call from Al, of Lloyd's Paint and Paper in Crystal Lake, Illinois, who called to tell me he received my package and it looked like it was in pretty bad shape.

I called and emailed the bike company and UPS, and although it took a little bit for each to understand the situation, I think they did right by me. At first, UPS said I would need to contact the company I bought the bike from, and the company would call UPS and decide how to resolve the problem. So I did that. However, the company people could read as well as I could, and when we tracked the package, it showed it was still in transit, and therefore, there is not yet a problem. I called UPS back, and told them I knew where the bike was, and instead of going through some drawn out process, couldn't they simply retrieve their mis-delivered package, and send it to me? They actually agreed that that made sense, and dispatched someone to pick it up.

Here's the funny thing: Even though UPS apologized every time I spoke with them, and were sorry that they mis-delivered my package, and were willing to go get it and send it to me, when I tracked the package again, the folks at UPS listed the package not as being mis-delivered, but that the receiver of the package, one Al, requested a change of delivery address, and it was now being sent to my address.

Why can't people or companies simply admit when they make a mistake? I would respect that a lot more than the responsibility dodging "solution" that is the official story from UPS.

Regardless of the human drama, here are some pictures of the fattest guy you know enjoying the hell out of his new bike!