Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Lobster Trap...

Carl had to do an assignment for his English Reading class. He had to read an article about a lobster man, called "The Lobster Trap." He did well on the reading comp assignment, and afterwards, got bored and started doodling zombies on the cover. After he was done, I realized the caption was even better for the story now that zombies were involved.

After Carl saw what I saw, and what you will see below, he began to rewrite the story, starting with the same opening paragraphs. When he is done, I will present both stories next to each other. I hope you enjoy the opening sequence of "The Lobster Trap."

Monday, November 2, 2009

A New Pet....

In the course of this summer, two skinks have made it into our house. The first one ended up as Lucky chow, but Lara caught the second one after it had lost its tail. It just so happens that Carl can complete a Boy Scout requirement by raising a reptile, so we readied up an aquarium and now have a skink in the living room. Lara dubbed him Elvis.

This marks the first time that I have not named one of our pets. I feel kind of weird about that. Since it is a blue-tailed skink, I'm thinking blue-tailed calls to mind blue suede, hence Elvis, but when I brought that up to Lara, she said, no, she just liked Elvis. So, I'm gonna call him Elvis, the skink of rock and roll.

Since I don't have a good picture of Elvis, here is an idea of what he looks like:

And here is our cage set-up for him:

Let's hope Elvis lives a little bit longer that Matilda, our Praying Mantis from last year!

Halloween Pictures

Here is the progression of the day, from carving pumpkins to walking the neighborhood, to watching a full moon rise. We had a great night.